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Deze hele zomer loopt Mary DuBard stage bij ons. Ze komt uit de VS en studeert daar Informatietechnologie en Amerikanistiek. Hier komt ze ons helpen met het lanceren van de opvolger van onze privacyinzage-machine.

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As a student studying both Computer Science and American Studies, I\'m interested not only in technical work but also the societal implications of new technologies. Engineers and developers should be considering the impacts of their creations, and when they don’t they should be held responsible by the government as well as consumers. Having previously interned as a software engineer at large tech companies, I am excited to have the chance this summer to work with Bits of Freedom advocating for issues like data privacy.

Mary DuBard

This summer I am working on Bits of Freedom\'s new tool My Data Done Right, which will give EU residents the power to assert the rights granted them by the GDPR. My work will span testing, promoting, and ensuring the accessibility of the tool to as many EU residents as possible. I am excited to bring what I learn here at Bits of Freedom back to my studies in the US.

Datum: dinsdag 19 juni 2018, 12:30
Bron: BitsOfFreedom
Categorie: Internet en ICT

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